Practical driver CPC training

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Half a days training and test to pass the Driver CPC qualification.

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Driver CPC Initial Qualification is what you may need if you are planing to drive a LGV / HGV for a living and did not pass your car driving test until after 1/1/97 – there are some exemptions.

There are 2 modules to the Driver CPC Initial Qualification

  • a theory test (Case Studies) – A number of questions set in scenarios that you may come across in a typical days work
  • a short practical (Vehicle Safety Demonstration) – Drivers daily checks, border checks, emergency procedures, safe loading (see below)

You will receive:

  • Learning material for practical test (Vehicle Safety Demonstration)
  • 4 Hours ‘1 to 1’ instructor/vehicle time (training and test time)*
  • Use of a vehicle for practical test
  • Practical test booked on your behalf

Once you have passed the practical part of the process you will receive your Driver Qualification Card. This lists which categories of vehicle you hold Driver CPC for and the date that they expire.

To continue driving for a living you must do 35 hours (5 x 7 hours) training in each 5 year period from the date that you passed the practical test. This is called Driver CPC Periodic Training.

Safe Loading – Part of the training/test for the practical element involves your ability to demonstrate how to use either a rope, a load tensioning bar, a ratchet strap or chain & tensioner. The DVSA ask you to carry this out on a piece of a equipment they have called a Load Securing Demonstration Trolley – we have one of these trolleys! If you undertake the practical element of your Initial CPC with us you can be safe in the knowledge that you are training with a company that has invested in the proper training equipment to ensure that you have the best training possible, giving you the best possibility to pass your test. If comparing trainers, ask if they have one. They haven’t got one? Why not?

When attending practical training and test you MUST have BOTH parts of your licence and theory certificate.

* At busy times training may be undertaken with another candidate. The appointment will be lengthened to ensure adequate training is provided.


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